Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Tweeters Unite: Call for Papers & Ideas

Dear all,

For we are new in the scene,
beginners driven by heart and love, we do really appreciate your suggestions, ideas, concepts, recommendations, visions etc. - whatever you can do - you are most welcomed.

♥ on JULY 4th - intern. DAY of the KISS ♥
we unite to populate heavenly solutions for everyone


  1. It´s mainly about raising, establishing and maintaining life-long-lasting awareness for the less fortunate, animal and human rights.

  2. Do we want to contribute to it by e.g. sharing self-help e-books for free download, write memorable short stories or articles, paint postcards, create success wallpapers etc. and then maybe sale it, donate the money to selected causes...

  3. Do we want to help by organizing teams, raising founds, developing ideas or by promoting peoples projects, benefiz concerts, vip galas, art-product creations, a local breakfast party... Fantasy and Love rule.

Thank You All lovely People!

Yours sincerely,

I wanted to know how to bring out the best in me -and took this test :-)


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  2. @veryheaven

  1. Invitation: Join the Event on Bloggers Unite / Tweeters Unite
    write articles, share ideas, visions, suggestions at our event platform

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    (offspring of veryheaven)

  3. Veryheaven Ouverture Blog
    charity, poetry, coffee & coaching to go

  4. Veryheaven United Blog
    open studio - feature yourself

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