Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

I Never Saw a Wild Thing Sorry for Itself !

- says D. H. Lawrence to the absent audience,
nipping at his mold whiskey in his writingroom -

The kitty cat lays on his legs listening to him as always,
enjoying the tender caressing fingers from her mastermind.
"That´s a thing like me", shekitty thinks.

Kittycat speeds up to the dressing-room - smack!
Kissing the mirror. Falls back on floor. Rolls over.
Miaus madly happy.

D. H. Lawrence now curious.
"Oh my precious Lord, why me."

Look at the picture :-)

"God has grant me the wisdom and knowledge to achieve my goals.
It is now my job to use the wisdom. Rrrroooaar."

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