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Gilian Anderson: Stop Animal Experiments asap!

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X-Files Actress Gilian Andersons writes email to the EU Parliament (!)

She is claiming to stop scientific animal experiments by June 2009 and to replace those no-longer needed thus crucial experiments asap with the latest invented and unharming technologies in scientific research.

Bravo! See, read, act.

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

I am writing urgently on behalf of PETA to ask you to stop Europe returning to the darkest days of vivisection. I urge you to act in the interests of compassion when MEPs vote on the proposed directive on the protection of animals used in scientific procedures.

I have been dismayed to learn of proposals introduced to the draft legislation which will have a devastating effect on animal welfare and completely prevent governments from effectively regulating animal experiments on behalf of the citizens of the European Union. Please vote to protect animals, promote good science and ensure proper oversight in the First Reading of the proposed directive in May.

To reflect the deep concerns of European citizens, it is vital that the directive at the very least do the following:

• Promote effective, humane and relevant methods to replace animal experiments. This must
be at the heart of EU policy.

• Ensure that no experiments are conducted on animals unless a licence is issued by
government authorities in advance (this is already the law in many European countries and is vital for animals' protection).

• Ensure that no animal is ever exposed to severe, prolonged pain.

• Make real progress towards ending the use of all non-human primates in experiments and
take decisive action to completely end the trapping of wild monkeys to supply the vivisection industry.

We must not return to a "free-for-all" in which there is almost no effective control of what
takes place behind closed laboratory doors. Twelve million dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, monkeys, horses and other animals suffer and are killed in experiments in the EU every year.

I am certain that the overwhelming majority of EU citizens would be as horrified as I was to
learn that their elected representatives were considering washing their hands of those animals, leaving millions of them with little or no legal protection whatsoever.

Please vote in favour of
progress and compassion. Please contact me (through PETA) to let me know how you intend to vote on this critical issue.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Inspiring Action

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Gilian Anderson deckt unheimliche Fälle einer EU-weiten "Laborverschwörung" auf.

Die Emmy-Gewinnerin hilft der Tierrechtsorganisation PETA Europe dabei, eine waschechte "Verschwörung" aufzudecken, in der Mitglieder der Europäischen Union (EU) den Tierschutz in Versuchslabors zu reduzieren versuchen.
Ca. 12 Millionen Tiere werden innerhalb Europas jedes Jahr in Laboratorien eingesetzt und getötet.

Die Europäische Kommission hat einen Gesetzesvorschlag vorgelegt, der Tierschutzstandards in Laborexperimenten innerhalb der EU noch niedriger ansetzen will. Gillian Anderson hat sich als große Tierfreundin deshalb im Namen von PETA Europe an alle Mitglieder des Europaparlaments (MEPs) gewandt und sie gebeten, sich für die Tiere und die Wissenschaft einzusetzen und sicherzustellen, dass die Direktive effektive Alternativmethoden zum Tierversuch fördert, und somit die Versuchs-Tiere davor bewahrt, schwerwiegenden und lang anhaltenden Schmerzen ausgesetzt zu sein.

Inspiring Action

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09. Mai 2009

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