Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

Tweeters Unite: People Gallery

Yeah, 79 people joined Tweeters Unite since Feb 28, 2009.
let´s come together right now. see your fellows participating on our event promotion platform on bloggers unite - we happy :-)

July 4th 2009 - intern. Day of the Kiss
write articles, make a movie, share ideas and visions, post pics, be creative.

send us your suggestions for e.g. charity organisations, events, people etc. you think should be supported by tweeters unite.

Thank You All, lovely people!
Yours, Cassie

click to zoom ~
it looks nice :-)

  1. Invitation: Join the Event on Bloggers Unite / Tweeters Unite
    write articles, share ideas, visions, suggestions, get crazy!

  2. Tweeters Unite Blog
    (offspring of veryheaven)

  3. Veryheaven Ouverture Blog
    charity, poetry, coffee & coaching
    to go

  4. Veryheaven United Blog
    open studio - feature yourself

  5. April 16 - Readers Appreciation Day!
    Check your gifts.

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