Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

Tweeters Unite - Welcome!

Dear all,
help populate a veryheavenly living for every creature
and person on the wonderful planet.

This is the official space for TWEETERS_UNITE
for WORLDWIDE engagement in human rights, charity, benefiz concerts, animal rights, bloggers unite etc.

We will publish your press releases, charity infos etc here and on the blog veryheaven - so hand in your stuff and lets get the tweeple power togehter.

  • follow first for updates @veryheaven
  • follow secondly @tweeters_unite
  • email blog author applications, questions, suggestions, articles, press releases, announcements etc straight to veryheaven editor cassie

Come, join the team - become assistant editor in chief or blog author at tweeters unite.
Let´s make this earth a peaceful, wonderful place! We need you!

Yours, Cassie

Please share your ideas, feelings, opinions, wishes in the comment-field.

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